Ciutadella is a veritable jewel, built of limestone. It lights up the facades of the stately palaces in creamy golden hues, it paves the narrow streets with their lovely arched porches built in ancient medieval times. The gargoyles on the cathedral were carved from it. Ciutadella’s walls tell a story of feudal lords, medieval tradition and invading Turkish pirates. But the city has moved on within these historic surroundings, and filled the streets and little squares with charming outdoor cafes and designer shops. The sheltered harbour lies under the ramparts and has plenty of delightful restaurants to choose from.

All this history and custom comes to life every year on 23rd June during the famous Sant Joan fiestas. Menorcans and visitors from the rest of Spain and indeed the world throng to this first main fiesta of the year where the streets are full of warmth and life and the magnificent Menorcan horses steal the show.

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